The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation (ABMF) is able to fulfill its mission thanks to the generous support of patrons, benefactors and friends.

Our benefactors

Gifts to Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Foundation (ABMF) support an endowment created to see to the unique preservation work performed by 32 of the world’s most accomplished conservationists, working at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The creativity, care and devotion displayed by them in their pain-staking work gives honor to, and preserves the memory of those murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau, while also ensuring that future generations will always have them as symbols of the result of unchecked hatred.

Benefactors who donated €1 million to the Endowment Fund of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation – established to secure the preservation of the remains of Auschwitz-Birkenau for future generations and supported by governments of 36 countries – have become true Pillars of Remembrance.

Ronald S. Lauder
Andrea Goldrich Cayton and Melinda Goldrich
Frank Lowy
Lily Safra and The Edmond J. Safra Foundation
Friends of the United States Holocaust Museum
Toronto Jewish Community:

The Latner Family Foundation
Judy And George Frankfort
Senator Linda Frum
Howard Sokolowski

Marya And Herman Grad
The Greenberg And York Families
Barbara And Jay Hennick
The Koschitzky Family
The Azrieli Foundation

Miles Nadal And Family
Heather Reisman And Gerry Schwartz
Fran And Ed Sonshine
Judy And Larry Tanenbaum

Steven Spielberg’s Righteous Persons Foundation
Second Generation In Honor Of The Victims And Survivors Of The Shoah:

Ulrika And Joel Citron
Marcy Gringlas and joel greenberg

Andrew Intrater
Harry Krakowski

Jerry Wartski

Philadelphia Jewish Community:

Sara and Joseph Finkelstein – ABMF Board Members
Susan and Lewis Gantman – ABMF Board Members

Ande and James Adelman
Amanda and Sam Becker
Susan and Ben Stein
Barbara and Mickey Black
Gwen Borowsky
David Camp
Debby and Robby Cohen
Sherry and John Cohn
Wendy Fein Cooper

Leonard Cooper
Lori and Rabbi Neil Cooper
Kathy and Jerry Drew
Lorraine and Stuart Drobny
Sandy and Alex Ebel
Roz and Jerry Elkins
Vicki and Gary Erlbaum
Sara and Joseph Finkelstein
Nancy and Rob Fox

Susan and Lewis Gantman
Lawrence Goren
Esther and Marc Kaplin
Steve Klein
Rena and Josh Kopelman
Debra and David Kornblatt
Lynn and Charles Kramer
Heather and Mark Kramer
Debbie Levin

Max Markovitz
Sara and jay minkoff
Judy and Bud Newman
Rebecca Peikes
Beth and Rick Reisboard
Betsy and David Rentz
Reney and Glenn Shevins
Steven Wolfson

We also extend our deepest gratitude to all other benefactors:

Michael Bloomberg
Michele Bober
Richard Edelman
Jonathan D. Gray
Mindy Gray
Barbara Horowitz

Ada And Jim Horwich
Martin Karlinsky
Joshua Kazdin
Roman Kent
Jacqueline B. Kosecoff
Robert Brook
Harvey Krueger

Ilana and Thomas Mauskopf
Carrie Menkel Meadow
Hedy And Ted Orden
Jolanta Pieńkowska
Leszek Czarnecki
Antony Ressler
Arthur Rock

Corrine And Lenny Sands
Rabbi Arthur Schneier
Sharon Schneier
Clifford Brandeis
William Schwartz
Sheldon Solow
Howard Unger
David Wiener